Selling Jewelry and Timepieces
at Princess Diamonds

Princess Diamonds offers top prices for your old, damaged, or unwanted jewelry and watches. We will carefully evaluate your pieces in front of you and offer you either the choice to sell the piece for cash or trade it in to put towards a new purchase. 

The selling process

Gold items are tested and graded to determine their karat purity. Diamonds and gemstones are tested using a high-powered binocular microscope to determine the stone’s color and clarity. Valuables are weighed on a precision balanced scale with accuracies to 0.001 g. 

We make offers using real time live gold prices and issue you a payment on the spot. 

Types of items we buy:

Graded A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

We are graded A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Our scales are inspected by the state on a regular basis. All testing and offers are done right in front of you. We believe in 100% transparency. All transactions are discreet and confidential. 

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