Diamond Buying Program

We Will Trade In Your Old Diamond For A New One

When you buy a diamond from Princess Diamonds and want to upgrade it, we will trade in your old diamond for a new one, so you only have to pay for the difference between your original diamond and your new diamond. We also offer a price match guarantee for any GIA certified diamond. All of the diamonds we sell are GIA certified. 

GIA created the 4 Cs


Color is graded from D-Z and the grade is based on the absence of color. This means that D is colorless and Z is more yellow in color. 


Clarity has to do with the amount of inclusions or blemishes found in the diamond. The closer the diamond comes to perfectly pure, the higher its value. The clarity scale ranges from flawless to included, with varying levels of clarity in between. Many of the inclusions and blemishes are impossible to see by the naked eye and a very slightly included diamond can look identical to a slightly included diamond. 


Cut is the most technically difficult to assess of the 4 Cs. GIA only uses the cut grading system on round brilliant diamonds. The cut is determined by the brightness, fire, and scintillation of the diamond. GIA then evaluates the weight ratio, durability, polish, and symmetry of the diamond to determine the cut grade. The cut scale ranges from excellent to poor. 


Finally, carat weight is the measurement of how much the diamond weighs. Diamond price can increase with carat weight, however two diamonds of equal carat weight can have different prices depending on the other 3 Cs. 

Lifetime Upgrade & Conflict Free

We offer a lifetime upgrade on all GIA graded diamonds, as well as any diamond bought directly from us. 
We only sell conflict free diamonds and all are ethically sourced. We adhere to the Kimberly process which supports industry and governmental organization’s prevention of trade of illegal diamonds. Standards are established by the Kimberly process. 

Want To Upgrade Your Diamond?

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